Alice Zilberberg

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                                     Fine Art Photography

                                     Fine Art Photography

Artist Information:

Alice Zilberberg is a photographer and visual artist born in Estonia, raised in Israel, and is now based in Toronto, Canada. She completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts in the Photography Studies program at Ryerson University, and is presently continuing her fine art practice.

Alice’s work looks at the portrayal of women characters in folklore, mythology and art history, and explores themes of femininity and the natural environment through image manipulation. Using image composites, she is able to bring fantasy and a dream-like quality to her work.

She has exhibited in a number of galleries in Canada and in Tokyo, Japan. Her work has been featured in a wide range of print and online publications.

Descriptions of Artwork:

Forests of Gaia:

From "The Vanishing of Gaia" series, the Greek goddess Gaia, the goddess that personifies nature floats in the forest in this image of her. She is vanishing, representing the state of the earth and the destruction of nature humans have imposed on it. The way she dances comments on her strength and hope. To me, she is still strong and alluring, and can never fully vanish.

Shores of Gaia:

From "The Vanishing of Gaia" series, this image is another interpretation of the Greek goddess Gaia. Gaia gave birth to the sea, sky and mountains, from which all other gods (and the world) came. In this image, she also vanishing, and is disarmed by her inability to create.

Gaia Giving Birth to Uranus: 

The story behind this one is in its title. I use the Greek goddess Gaia's story and portray the goddess giving birth to Uranus (the god personifying the sea). The goose is representing this god; she is under a waterfall representing water breaking.

Alice in Wonderland:

From "The Dead of Happily Ever after series" this is my own version of Alice in Wonderland. Unlike the Disney stories we have today, the original fairy tales were very dark and much more expressive and realistic, and interesting. There was no prince charming saving a beautiful blonde at the end, and no one lived happily ever after. I take a part in this image not only as a narrator but also as a model, portraying Alice in a dark space, where she wears a straight jacket and is isolated.

Goddess of Wildfire:

From the "Goddess Almighty" project, this image summarizes the concept. She is a powerful goddess and she is the ruler of her environment. She is literally blended with an animal and is given Antlers, which are usually possessed by males. This represents power and also references the horned god, a primary deity found in neopagan religions. He is associated with nature, sexuality, hunting and life cycle.

Goddess of Nature with Wings:

The nature goddess is floating in the sky here, and is literally blended with nature. She is given branches as arms representing her power of creation. The dancer I casted was asked to bring her chest forward and appear strong and proud.

Goddess of Nature in the Sea:

Here again, she kicks ass. She is blended with her environment and throws life back into the earth.

Goddess Icon with Spring:

This is the aftermath of the goddess giving birth to the sea, holding her "offspring". The hinted halo around her head and the oval shape references Christian religious iconography, mocking depictions of The Virgin Mary.

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