Anthony Hopkins

Price range from $1000 to $5150

Limited Edition Serigraphs

Artist Information

Sir Anthony Hopkins, considered one of the greatest living actors of all time, refers to himself as a ‘shy artist’. In 2005, his wife Stella, an Art & Antiques Dealer, was the catalyst to launch his lifelong love of painting professionally. Hopkins’ first exhibition in San Antonio, Texas, sold more than 100 of his works for the benefit of the Born to Read Literacy Foundation. Four years later, in 2009, a formal tour of his paintings made its way to fine art galleries in major cities in North America and Europe.

 Hopkin’s became an American citizen and celebrated with a 4800 km road trip across the country. Not known to photograph or sketch, he paints from memory and draws on impressions of what he has seen. He creates acrylic abstracts on canvas using only a palette knife and works in ink on paper. His vibrant landscapes have a raw innocence and intuitive quality expressed through form, colour, texture and light. Hopkins’ style is often described as surrealistic; the creative movement that explores dreams and the unconscious mind through art, poetry and film. Long fascinated by his dreams and states of consciousness, Hopkins says his dreams have always been vivid, so much so that he was inspired to draw them as a young boy. Now in his late seventies, his dreams are influenced by the rich, intense colour of his paintings. He claims painting has done wonders for his subconscious to the point where he now dreams in colour.

While many might think that Hopkins is an actor who dabbles in painting, it is quite the opposite according to him. He claims he stumbled into the acting business by default through an acting scholarship and that painting and composing are his first loves. His motivation to paint daily in his Malibu studio is purely for the love of it; “When I paint, I just paint freely without anxiety regarding outside opinions as criticisms. I do it for sheer pleasure.”

He often quotes Henry Miller, “Paint what you like and die happy.” Not only is Hopkins a creative genius in his mastery of so many creative forms, his honest and humble expression through palette knife and pen that began when he was just a little boy continues to be a constant in his life to this day.


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