Brannan Robinson

Prices range from $1,200 to $7,000

                              Mixed Media on Canvas or Paper

                              Mixed Media on Canvas or Paper

Artist Statement:

I have been artistic from my earliest memory. There was not a time when I wasn’t drawing or making something. I am very grateful that I have had truly amazing people around to help motivate and guide me throughout my life.

One of the strongest inspirations was my grandfather, Edward W. Scott, who’s hard work and dedication with humanitarian causes positively affected a great many people during his lifetime. It was through conversations with him that I was motivated to embrace my true calling as an artist. He had a calling – to help others, to fight injustices and transform lives. He felt my calling was equally important – to capture lives, moments, and emotions; to give happiness and pleasure to others through my art as he did through his actions and communion with others.


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