Brian Lorimer

                                           Mixed Media

                                           Mixed Media

"Hudsy World"

Brian Lorimer’s exciting new series HUDSY WORLD was ignited by these words from Pablo Picasso, 

“It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child.”

So what’s it like to paint like a child? To find this out Lorimer turned to a very gifted young boy named Hudson Evans. Hudson is Lorimer’s five year old grandson who lives within the spectrum of Autism. 

Hudson created a fictional universe called Hudsy World where colourful characters like Vucuum Cleaner Man, Chatterer, Mooee, Bat Beast and Tammie the Tamable Wolf reside. Using Hudson's drawings of these characters as his subject, Lorimer set out to put Picasso’s words to the test. The result is a series of work that presented Lorimer with an unexpected gift, a porthole into the landscape of neurodiversity and the opportunity to forge a unique bond between grandfather and grandson.  

Artist information

BRIAN LORIMER is a Canadian artist with an adventurous past. His remarkable paintings of indigenous peoples, war and Canadian landscapes can be found in many corporate collections including the Hard Rock Cafe, Toronto Metro Zoo, Via Rail, Wildhorse Saloon, Canadian Legion, Price Waterhouse Coopers as well as many private collections around the world.

Lorimer was born in 1961 in Belleville, Ontario. He studied at the Ontario College of Art in the early 80’s, became a self-employed illustrator/designer in Toronto in the late 80’s and early 90’s before founding Lorimer Studios in 1996, one of Canada’s pre-eminent mural companies. He closed the doors in 2002 to begin focusing on projects that involved travelling off the beaten path in service to his art. These journeys have taken him from the killing fields of Cambodia and the barren landscape of the Omo Valley in Ethiopia to the bone numbing cold of Cape Dorset in the Canadian arctic.

Recently he created Lorimer Gallery in Charlottetown PEI which has quickly become one of the most successful galleries on the east coast. 

“Cultural preservation against the incursion of modern society is the predominant theme in my work. Through a contemporary lens I search for world defining moments; unique, vibrant cultures; tales of survival and tenebrous off-grid locations that ignite us to take pause for reflection so as to temper the modern shift.”

Past exhibitions include Landscapes of Solitude (2009) at Gallery Artplus of Belleville, City2Sunrise (2010) at Arthouse Hotel of Sydney, Australia, Omo (2011) at Artspace Oakville, Project Remembrance (2014) at City Hall Toronto, The Shorn Lamb (2016) at Gordon Harrison Gallery, Ottawa. Currently Lorimer’s visually compelling Cape Dorset series is exhibited at Lorimer Gallery of Charlottetown, PEI.