Bruce Pittman is an award-winning filmmaker who, throughout his long career, has taken photographs. He is noted for his visual style. Three times his films have

won national awards for cinematography at both the Canadian Society of Cinematographers and the Gemini Awards. He has applied this visual style to his

photography that is as eclectic as are his movies. His latest film, THE LAST MOVIE, won Best Foreign Film at the Long Island International Film Festival and was an

official selection at the Moscow International Film  Festival. Bruce Pittman’s SHATTERED CITY, the epic story of the Halifax explosion, won two Directors Guild of

Canada Awards and five Geminis. His film CAPTIVE HEART won the Grand Award and the Gold World Medal at the New York International Programming Awards

and KURT VONNEGUT’S HARRISON BERGERON was named one of the Ten Best Films at the prestigious Cologne Conference in Germany. WHERE THE SPRIT

LIVES received numerous international festival awards and a Gemini for Best TV Movie. For this film, Bruce Pittman was named Best Director at the Chicago

International Film Festival. His film THE PAINTED DOOR received an Academy Award nomination as Best Live Action Short.





Creating a moment for motion pictures utilizes twenty-four separate photographs per second, usually several different setups which are then edited into a

continuous sequence enhanced by sound and music. The equivalent moment in photography is a single frame frozen in time. Films are essentially a manipulation of

the viewer by the director to achieve the desired emotion of the story. Good photography, through a single image, invites the viewer to create their own story. For

me, this relationship between the photographer and the viewer has always held a fascination. Most of my photographs are photo journalistic. Almost all were taken

with available light and attempt to capture the essence of the moment and spark the imagination of the beholder.

Bruce Pittman