Emma Uber

Prices range from $135 to $6,000

                           Original Acrylic on Canvas or Board

                           Original Acrylic on Canvas or Board

Artist Information:

Australian artist Emma Uber has been painting with oils on canvas since she was 15. After studying and pursuing a career as a young graphic designer, she soon realized her passion and talent was painting, so she returned to her art. Impressionist portraiture and the playful colors, themes, and décor from the 60’s and 70’s influence her painterly style.

Flowers and intense vibrant hues give her work a romantic and lively quality, especially when combined with the emotion of her female subjects. Blending detailed realism with chaotic drips and brush strokes, she creates richly layered portraits that are both meticulous and carefree.

These are the elements that the artists’ fans and collectors love. From “Beautiful” to “This is my favorite one..stunning!” to “Tus obras son maravillosas!!” praise for Emma Uber’s artwork pours in from all ages, and continents. To meet the growing global demand for her work, new limited editions are being released in Australia, UK, Canada and the United States.

Process and Inspirations:

“I begin with a disheveled surface, sometimes using a canvas which has been painted over many times. From here I build layers of patterns and flowers which grow and emerge, layering themselves until I am happy with the composition. I do not plan this initial part of the process.

It’s important for me to be relaxed and enjoy the behavior of the paint, whether it be thinned down and dripping or daubed in thick texture. This process is very open and free, I call it “pushing colours.”

I am intrigued by the interiors of old and dilapidated buildings, their faded or decaying wallpaper peeling away to reveal clues of their history. I try to emulate this effect using hints of stenciled patterns, dripping paint, and flowers as backdrops to my enigmatic women. They too have a story behind them.

My girls then emerge from this chaos, the tangible part of the image. This is the most time consuming part of the piece, capturing the way light and shadow fall on her features, the glint in her eye, the playful shape of her lips.”


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