Fabio Napoleoni

Prices range from $325 to $3,000

Limited Edition Giclees

Limited Edition Giclees


Artist Information:

Drawing on a lifetime of experiences, Fabio translates each tug of his heart strings into an emotional expression caught on canvas for the world to view. His world and his passion are bared via his body of work.

Art has always been a big part of Fabio’s life. As a child, severe asthma kept Fabio from participating in sports or outdoor activities so he spent countless hours coloring and drawing. His escape to the world beyond the walls was art.

Encouraged by his mother, an artist as well as a single mom, to do what he loved, Fabio developed his great talent and appreciation for all types of art. His personal inspirations were Picasso, Van Gogh and Jackson Pollock. Something that intrigued him about these icons of the artwork was that they were masters of releasing their own emotions onto canvas and evoking feelings from those who viewed their pieces.

Fate would have a hand in Fabio’s creativity development though. His daughter was born with a critical heart condition requiring multiple hospital stays. Once again, Fabio searched for an escape and emotional release from deep emotions surging inside of him. During these intense periods of time, all of these emotions—sorrow, melancholy, hope, fear, joy—became part of Fabio’s art.

While his daughter progressed and recovered, Fabio’s art became more uplifting and encouraging. Fabio’s art follows periods of his own life—reflective of where he is and what is going on as his life occurs and evolves.

Symbolism is prominent within Fabio’s body of work. Trees, hearts and emotionally based characters usually grace any given piece.

Fabio’s admiration for trees goes back to his high school days. As his talent became more honed, the images of trees grew in detail. “I’m fascinated with trees because they represent longevity, life, shelter, a source of food, that old wise man and strength,” says Fabio. All of these qualities are present in each tree represented in every masterfully drawn piece. Adding a simple red heart to a black and white tree created a movement towards an emotional expression that was totally unexpected but embraced by those viewing and purchasing Fabio’s pieces.

The primary persona in Fabio’s art is Marcinevo: a lovable, rag-tag, well–loved childhood figure with mitten hands and a one button eye who has drawn on the walls of his cardboard box to create a world of his own. On the walls of this box Marcinevo takes journeys, ages, experiences life and freedom as well as loves and losses/ happiness and sorrow.

Fabio believes art is all about evoking an emotion when you view a piece. Says Fabio, “Sorrow, compassion and hope are my primary colors.”

Staying true to his beliefs and impacting people in very personal ways, Fabio’s work is now exhibited in over twenty prominent galleries nationally and internationally. His art is being received by a widely diverse audience and is growing in popularity. While not every piece is about his daughter, the heart, a constant presence in Fabio’s pieces does symbolize her and her condition. Says Fabio, “If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

Currently residing in the tree covered landscape of Maine; Fabio remains very humble with regard to his success and growing status within the art community. He considers his art his very own therapy session and is grateful for the stories people share with him concerning how his art has impacted their lives.


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