Prices range from $900 to $4,000

    Limited Edition Giclees on Canvas with Hand-Embellishment

    Limited Edition Giclees on Canvas with Hand-Embellishment

Artist Information:

Her origin, like that of Matisse, is in the flatlands of North France, but her home is in the heart of the lush countryside of France’s South West. The rich red of the poppy-flower, the striking green of abundant foliage, and the sunny yellow of a summer meadow compose Jalinepol’s palette – Color has always been her inspiration.

In 1979 while visiting Africa, she found herself swept up in the surrounding colors. Irresistibly drawn to the multi-colored robes and wrappings of the African culture, she began to fabricate single-piece dolls. She discovered batik at this time and also began to try her hand at her first oils. On returning to France in 1984, JalinePol attended the Beaux-Arts where she began to work with a palette-knife painting technique. In these early years, the paintings of the Impressionist masters greatly inspired her. During a period in the South Pacific, she worked on watercolors, paintings on silk, and pastels, all the while improving her skill with the paintbrush and palette knife. She excelled at the latter and began to teach this technique to art students in group workshops in the North of France. Today, many important private art collections include JalinePol’s paintings. Wherever her works are exhibited- in France, in the USA and throughout the world, from the South-Pacific to the Middle East -they are admired and appreciated by all for their striking originality and vibrancy.


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