Jay Russell

Prices range from $3,250 to $12,000

Jay Russell passed away suddenly on June 30th, 2008 at the young age of 44. Jay was a real talent and we will miss him dearly. Over the last few years we have had the honour of hosting two sell-out exhibitions of his pieces. He was best known for his music related paintings rendered on 78 RPM records.

Artist Information:

Jay Russell has been drawing and painting all his life. Born in Kingston, Ontario, Canada on October 16, 1963 he has always had a passion for Art. As a boy, his high school Art teacher and friend, Berkley Brean, was his mentor and guide. Russell received the Berol scholarship after high school and studied at the Ontario college of Art in Toronto where he graduated with honours. He then worked as a freelance illustrator with some success but little artistic fulfillment.

In 1993 he dedicated his life to Fine Art and has had great success in Canada. In 1995 he started to show and sell his work in the U.S.A. Strongly influenced by Van gogh, Matisse and Picasso, Russell’s artistic evolution is staggering and ongoing. Greatly inspired by music, his other great passion, his subject matter is often drawn from the swing, big band, and jazz era. His lines have the roundness and harmony of swing music, his colours, the boldness of the sound of a big band giving his work the freshness and vitality of a jam session among friends.

Russell’s eclectic technique includes painting on everything from canvas, to vintage auto parts, to mosaic 78 RPM records. He draws in charcoal, paints in acrylic and rich, thick, lively oils. His work has been described as ‘Dynamic Impressionism’.

Published Work:

  • The New Yorker Magazine (September 1993 “Tony Bennett” - January 1994 “Morgan Freeman”)

  • The Jazz Report Magazine

  • Harlequin Books Mystery Series Covers

  • 3 Canadian Jazz Festivals

  • Labatt & Molson Breweries

  • Numerous Children’s Books

  • Shows: Gielen Design Showroom, London, Ontario

  • London Art & Historical Museum, London, Ontario

  • The Blue Monkey Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

  • Ocallahan Galleries, Toronto, Ontario

  • The Abreu Gallery, Sacramento, California

  • Just Looking Gallery, San Luis Obispo, California

  • Art Expo, New York, New York

  • The Goose Pond Gallery, Morgan Hill, California

  • Julianna Art, San Luis Obispo, California


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