John Migicovsky

Prices Range from $1500 to $4000

Silver Gelatin Prints and Archival Pigment Prints

Silver Gelatin Prints and Archival Pigment Prints

Artist Information:

Born in Ottawa, Ontario, Mr. Migicovsky’s passion for photography began in Montreal while attending university.  Photography became a medium and an important outlet for expressing his creativity.

Through the lens of his camera he has captured the spirit and sense of place of a myriad of subjects. His body of work currently spans five decades from the 1960’s to present day.  

Although he works in color and in black and white, he prefers to work in the latter. The photographs evoke a visceral response inspired by his studies of early film classics that he passionately believes, are better able to portray “the dramatic” in a unique way.

His photographs have for over 25 years and continue to be printed by world renowned master printer Robert (Bob) Carnie. Mr. Carnie’s expertise is sought after by photographers and gallerists in the U.K., United States and Europe.

Mr. Migicovsky is inspired by the life and career of French photographer Henri Cartier Bresson. His eye like that of Mr. Bresson succeeds in weaving together a compilation of work that captures seemingly everyday images and invigorates them with dramatic and emotional elegance.






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