Malcolm  Emilio

Mixed Media on Canvas

Mixed Media on Canvas

Acrylic Posters on watercolor paper

Artist Information:

By the age of fifteen, Malcolm Emilio had already embarked on a self-led journey of artistic experimentation. During this time, he began using plant-based materials such as: beetroot, cucumber, and watermelon, for instrumentation and pigmentation. In his late teenage years, Malcolm gained further clarity and enlightenment in Rastafari expressions in Chile. The holistic lifestyle of Rastafari became a profound influence on his emerging adulthood. Since then, his journey towards full, artistic, self-expression: has only intensified.

In fact, processes of intensification are the atmospheric conditions of which Malcolm creates; and in turn, forms the basis of the material creations he offers his audiences. At the age of twenty-five, intensity defines both the artist and his artistry. Malcolm defines himself as a “creator, visionary and messiah”. An ancient enigma of youth who is speaking universal truths on critical, global issues, for his generation. Therefore, quite prominent in his work are consistent reflections. Often in the form of a question, Malcolm employs a unique constellation of color, space, and symbols (which include language), in his installations.

In these reflections, Malcolm asks us to (re)/examine our human consciousness through constructions of difference. As a self-identified Black-Chileno, Malcolm relies on his working-class/working-poor backgrounds, and mixed-racial and cultural heritages that move through: Canada, the Caribbean, and South America, to analyze; critique; disrupt; and navigate issues.  In his quest to empower his generation, Malcolm has mounted over one hundred (100+) paintings in Toronto. Additionally, he has shown his creations in New York and most recently, in Jamaica.

Malcolm continues to master sophisticated techniques in the visual art of painting, in addition to: fashion designing; sculpting; and performing arts. Malcolm Emilio is currently based in downtown Toronto, Ontario.

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