Robert Greatrix

Prices range from $925 to $4000

Dye Sublimated Aluminum Prints

Dye Sublimated Aluminum Prints

Artist Statement

Without the advantage of a formal art background, Robert Greatrix was drawn to the technical precision and art of photography, and has progressed to be an accomplished and in demand professional photographer, shooting food, drink, and commercial work for many clients across the GTA and internationally. When he’s not under the lights of the studio, he often ventures out to shoot landscapes, both natural and urban, as well as street photography. Using long exposure camera techniques, he creates works that often have a sense of movement to lead one’s eye through a scene. Integrating a dark, high contrast and punchy style in his art, he is constantly looking for a story to tell with his images and immediately catch a viewer’s eye. Often shooting from uncommon angles, at odd hours and in unusual weather, Robert will tell you, he loves the challenges and continuous learning that is part and parcel with being a photographer, and it is the motivation behind his work.

Robert has participated in several group shows in and around Toronto, including a solo show during Toronto’s Contact Photography festival. He is also a volunteer photographer for Evergreen, a city environmental organization. 

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