Simeon Posen

Prices range from $1,200 to $5,000

                                  Silver Gelatin Prints/Giclee

                                  Silver Gelatin Prints/Giclee

Artist Information:

Simeon Posen is a landscape and architectural photographer with work spanning more than four decades. His studies in architecture at Taliesin, the Frank Lloyd Wright School, and stage design contribute to the unique perspective evident in his black and white photographs. 

The technique, style and composition of his work are influenced by Ansel Adams, Wynn Bullock, and Brett Weston with whom he studied in California. Simeon's ideas are expressed in the subtlety of black and white. He works with 8x10, 4x5 and mid-size negative formats, hand developing the film materials and printing on silver fibre-based papers, which gives his photographs its fullness and depth of tone. He can also provide work with Giclee printing.

His portfolios include: Water; Midway Lights; Landscape; Clouds; Arizona; Point Lobos; Arches National Park; Watkin's Glen; European Architecture; Machinery; Steam Locomotives; the Pima Air Museum and Airplanes. Speaking on his water portfolio: "These images celebrate the movement of water drawn from the reflections of the sun", and on the Midway Lights portfolio: "As twilights turns into night, the fair evolves into a magical place, as the coloured lights swirl into fleeting forms and passing outlines. I have been photographing Midway Lights ever year since 1998. At first the camera was placed in a stationary position with a long single exposure on a frame. As the years have progressed I have been experimenting with multiple exposures on each frame and the camera moving across the scene. Because it is so experimental, I go into the darkroom each night and develop the negatives, then return the next evening to see if I can improve on the work of the evening before". 


Ansel Adams Feedback Letter


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